Liestal Air + Band

Divyan, Lena, Lorenz and Loris

What a weekend.

After my blindauditions in february, actentertainment called me and asked if I would perform on the 21st of June. I thought I am going crazy :-).
But a whole show (like 45 minutes) just me? NO… this was a chance for doing something special, so I talked to 3 scouts buddies I know. they are into playing music as well, so there we were we: end of February, first band rehearsal and not really a clue where to start :-) but having fun and the wish to make it happen.

After 3.5 months there were 4 songs, 3 originals and 1 coversong, that we totally enjoyed playing on that stage in Liestal last friday. I added 5 more songs without the band and the crowd and the weather did the rest to have an unforgettable experience.

thanks guys for giving me that chance :-)


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